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Here are some things to consider when searching for home loan products:

Compare like with like: When comparing the best advertised home loan rates, be aware of the type of rate being offered and the conditions. Introductory rates for example are typically only available for one year and revert back to the standard variable rate after that time.

Monthly fees can add up to thousands of the dollars over the life of the loan and should be taken into consideration when comparing home loan products. Comparison rates are a good way to compare home loans for first home buyers because comparison rates take such fees into account.


Facilities such as redraw and offset accounts can reduce the interest on the loan and save you a considerable amount over the life of a home loan. Essentially, these facilities allow you to lower to your average outstanding mortgage balance. Most lenders offer these facilities; therefore, it pays to take of advantage of them.

Consider bundling products such as credit cards and insurance to get a better deal. Some of the big lenders are offering reduced rates if you buy additional services such as home or car insurance with them. Not only do you save money, it is also easier to manage those services when they are all with the same provider.

Your credit history may limit your choice of home loan products. If you have outstanding debts, try to repay those debts or resolve the issues and have them removed from your credit record. Credit card debt can significantly limit your borrowing power. If you have a number of credit cards, try to pay off as much of the debt as possible prior to applying for a home loan.

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Is It As Safe To Invest in Bitcoin As It Is to Invest In Property?

Are Bitcoins Safe?

As far as digital currency is concerned, bitcoins are considered some of the safest forms of legal tender in the world. Much of their security is due to their complex nature and the way in which they are coded – to date, not a single coin has been misplaced. With over 15 million of the coins currently in circulation (albeit in a digital nature), this is a pretty compelling argument that they are entirely safe to use, but there are other factors that can contribute to their security and reliability.


Whenever a new bitcoin is made, it will need to undergo an extensive amount of coding. This phase is known as ‘mining’ and once started, it can continue until the coin is no longer used to trade. Once the bitcoin has been coded, it can be released into the network of Bitcoins, where it will be usable by both buyers and sellers. Whenever a transaction takes place, the data is mined and stored within the network. This can help to ensure that no duplicate transactions can take place, which plays a major role in the prevention of fraudulent activities.

Third Party Services

There are dozens of third party services around the world that deal in bitcoin transactions. Some Bitcoin exchanges are in Australia, while others like Bitcoin.co.uk are located within the United Kingdom. Each party will be responsible for their own services, rates and terms – but one thing that they are all required to do by law is to adhere to the transactional guidelines relating to the use of bitcoins in general. This means that if these third parties wish to deal in the trading of the digital currency, they must be licensed to do so. As expected, this in itself can reassure those wanting to invest.

Encrypted Coding

Reverting back to the earlier point regarding the mining of new bitcoins, it’s important to note that every single coin produced will possess a unique string of data that cannot be duplicated – and that can be used to identify the coin on an individual basis. This encrypted coding means that if a coin was to be transacted with, data of the transaction will have been recorded instantly and cannot be tampered with, adding the safety of the buyer or seller.

With all of the above considered and when asking ‘are bitcoins safe’ the answer would certainly be a resounding yes. Thanks to their advanced programming and their extensive coding protocols, the currency could well be considered one of the safest in the world; being both impervious to duplication and immune to the fraudulent activities that other currencies are consistently exposed to.